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Appearances GTA Series
Sightings Throughout San Andreas, normally in the Ghost Town and Zombotech Corporation
Behavior Vicious
Existance FALSE

Zombies, are animated undead corpses that have been revived typically by an incurable virus. Most Zombies in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV and the other Grand Theft Auto games, are simply Mods which are used to make horror Machinimas

GTA San Andreas

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there are many different types of Zombies. Here are just a few.

  • Rednecks, specifically the bald, shirtless redneck who is also thought to be Leatherface.
  • Pedestrians that are modified to look like Zombies.
  • Strange Alien/Zombie mods which bring mods which look like Zombified crabs.

Many people said you can find zombies in GTA San Andreas countryside. A business called Zombotech is found near downtown San Fierro. In San Andreas, zombie-like pedestrians can be created. If the player lures a pedestrian into a Pay'N'Spray whilst he is getting a car sprayed, the pedestrian in question will have normal health, but will continue to walk if their HP reaches 0.

GTA Vice City Stories

The only appearance of zombies in GTA Vice City Stories is in the mission Brawn of the Dead, in which the player must act as a movie stuntman for Spitz and kill a large group of actors dressed as zombies. The name of the mission is a clear homage to the 1978 film Dawn of the Dead, as well as its 2004 remake, which are about zombies.


In Grand Theft Auto IV, there are a lot of different Zombie types.

  • Loads of random pedestrians that have been given a zombified skin.
  • In multiplayer, by ranking up once, you will obtain the ability to play as a Zombie. The Zombie is fully zombified and only wears an orange pair of underwear that have the Rockstar Logo on them. This was done at a Rockstar Games Social Club event called "Zombie Invasion in Liberty City", and getting leveling up once in Multiplayer will unlock it.

Because of these, the zombies in GTA IV are believed to be an Easter Egg instead of a myth.


In GTA V there appears to be a zombie actor imitating as a zombie right next to a movie theater. Proof can be seen here. This is meant to be an easter egg but Rockstar could be hinting a zombie apocalypse myth.

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