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Zombie Planes
An AT-400 in flight.
Appears in GTA San Andreas
Located in Throughout the State
Behavior Undead
Existence Rating PROVEN

The Zombie Plane is a glitch present in GTA San Andreas. It involves the AT-400, a large commercial passenger airplane that can be regularly seen flying over San Andreas. 


The AT-400 is a large airplane that commonly spawns flying over rural areas around the state. If the player tries to shoot the AT-400 down with any weapon, the airplane will explode and plummet to the ground like any other airplane normally would. However, when the AT-400 hits the ground, it will begin to bounce and spiral continuously, as if it is still trying to get back into the air. Then the AT-400 will freeze in mid-air. This bizarre glitch is a proven phenomenon. The glitch occurs because the game is having a conflict between the plane's AI and the game trying to process the fact that the plane has actually been shot down. 

There are two ways to repeat this glitch. The first and easiest method is to obtain a Hydra and wait for an AT-400 to spawn flying above you. Then the player must immediately get airborne and shoot the AT-400 down with the Hydra's rockets. A more difficult method of exploiting this glitch is to shoot at the AT-400 from the ground with a rocket launcher or a Minigun. 

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