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Zombie Elvis
Zombie Elvis
Zombie Elvis Found Newspaper
Appearances Grand Theft Auto III
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Sightings On the floor everywhere
Behavior NONE

Zombie Elvis, is a myth featured in the Grand Theft Auto III era games. The easter egg has to do with an article on the Liberty Cock newspaper. The newspaper's headlines read "ZOMBIE ELVIS FOUND!", alongside a picture of Elvis Presley's face. This was added due to the real-life urban legends of Elvis Presley being seen in public during the 1980s, after his death in 1977. They were also reported in the '90s and 2000s, the era that San Andreas, Vice City and GTA III take place in.

Some people even said you can find a zombified Elvis in the state of San Andreas, but that rumor is false.

The Liberty Cock newspapers can be seen floating around the streets in Grand Theft Auto III and GTA Vice City, however they were removed from the iOS release of Grand Theft Auto III.

The headline "Zombie Elvis Found!" can also be seen on the banner that is pulled by the Dodo airplane in GTA III and GTA Vice City.

Elvis impersonators

Several pedestrians can be found in GTA San Andreas that bear a strong resemblance to Elvis Presley. The pedestrians can be found in Las Venturas around The Strip. However, these peds are just Easter Eggs, referencing Elvis Presley impersonators. Anything further than that is false.

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