1,314 Pages is a website that originated from Grand Theft Auto IV.


The website has a layout similar to a forum where users can post information. The website has several maps marking the locations of secret items around Liberty City, including Flying Rats, Stunt Jumps, and weapon locations.

The website is sent to the player's email from an anonymous user, who goes by the username Chiliad8888. His name is a nod to Mount Chiliad in San Andreas. He calls the recipient a "pilgrim" and makes many anti-government comments. "Pilgrim" is a district of Las Venturas and could be a possible reference. Players believe that the user might be The Truth from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. There is another user simply named Trooth (pronounced Truth) who may be another account used by The Truth. A post by a user who goes by the name of Patriot86 showcases the location for body armor and mentions Aliens. Eddie Low has an account on this website, and has made several posts under the username EddieLow. Unfortunately, this website does not make its return in Grand Theft Auto V.

Video Investigation

GTAIV EASTER EGG- whattheydonotwantyoutoknow

GTAIV EASTER EGG- whattheydonotwantyoutoknow