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Washington Avenue Parking Lot is a myth location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Washington Avenue Parking Lot is a multi-story car parking in the heart of Washington Beach on Washington Street, more specifically located right across Collar & Cuffs. Washington Avenue Parking Lot was first featured during the mission, Guardian Angels, where Tommy Vercetti meets Lance Vance. Tommy Vercetti was standing alone in the parking when Lance Vance's Infernus drifted into the parking lot to meet Tommy, creeping out Tommy in the process. This incident was the base of the Lance's Vance's Infernus myth. Players have signified this location with the myth, claiming that the Lance along with his car may spawn here after the mission and many others speak that the Lance's Infernus can be sighted here as well as it serves as the prime location of the myth. A technical explanation has been put forward, explaining that many random cars are parked in the avenue and sighting a white Infernus isn't a uncommon phenomenon.


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