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Vlads VCR Emporium is a store in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Vlads VCR Emporium is an electronics store that is located in Downtown Vice City. Like the name says, the store specializes in selling VCRs. The store is also inaccessible to the player. The name "Vlad" is based on Vlad Dracula, such is the opinion hold by some of the players. One of the major reasons include the frequently mentioned terms and Easter eggs in the game that are based on Vlad. Konstantinos Smith also proclaims that he wants to portray Vlad. This was broadcasted from the VCN Building, located near Vlad's store, so it's assumed by some players that the store is owned by Konstantinos and that the store could be visited by goths and self-proclaimed Vampires in the city.


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