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Verdant Meadows is an abandoned airfield that is acquired by the player in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is located in the northern portion of Bone County, north of Area 69 and east of the Desert Building


The airfield has a single dirt runway, some large hangars, a garage, and a small control tower towards the east. This is the location of a Hydra, motorcycle, Jetpack, and another plane and helicopter. There are many large dismantled airplanes on either side of the runway. They appear to be decomissionedd and in a state of disrepair. It is proven that the airfield has been abandoned before CJ buys it in 1992, although it is not known for how long it has been abandoned. In the mission Green Goo, CJ also brings it to The Truth, and this airport can be a location of this green substance.


Mutants are said to appear at night in this location, along with Aliens and Mr. Trenchcoat. The large abandoned airplanes along the runways appear to be dismantled Andromadas. Also there is a spawn point for Killer Crates.



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