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The Vercetti Estate is a myth location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Vercetti Estate is located on Starfish Island and is an accessible safehouse. Shortly after the release of GTA Vice City, the estate became a prominent location for myths. After Tommy has acquired the mansion, it has been vandalised by the Vercetti Gang.

Correlation with myths

The Vercetti Estate has been known for its myths and legends. People have recorded several strange paranormal activities inside the mansion. The Estate has been the home to various myths such as the Burial Shovel, The Maze, Sonny Forelli's Corpse, Vercetti Estate Garden, Vercetti Estate Staircase, Vercetti Estate Basement, Corridor Shadows, MarioRicardo Diaz's Grave, Body Bags and many ghosts such as those belonging to Ricardo Diaz, Lance Vance, and Sonny Forelli. The existence of Ricardo Diaz's Ghost has been developed into possible over the years. The myth of Ricardo Diaz is technically more authentic than other paranormal myths regarding the Vercetti Estate.

Due to numerous pieces of evidence and bizarre recordings, the existence of the creatures in the Vercetti Estate can be considered possible, and there is something paranormal going on and thus is considered to be inhabited by some mysterious entity, likely to be the ghost of Ricardo Diaz.

Paranormal sightings include reports of inexplicable light sources, strange glows and certain strange artifacts. These attributes are proven to have occurred in the Vercetti Estate, the rationale of its mythical authenticity.


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