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UFO at Mount Chiliad

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UFO at Mount Chiliad
Appearances Grand Theft Auto V
Sightings Above Mount Chiliad
Behavior Flying
Existence PROVEN

The UFO at Mount Chiliad, is a proven myth in GTA V. The UFO is not dangerous and just hovers above the Mountain.


What is believed to be a hologram of a UFO appears at the top of Mount Chiliad at 3:00 AM on a stormy night when you have completed the game 100%. It is believed to be a hologram as it does not react to bullets or explosions and disappears if you get too close. However, it is unknown from where this hologram is projected. The glyphs on the western side of Mt Chiliad state the conditions for this to appear and further clues including a UFO shaped glyph under the viewing platform at the top and a sign on the far side of the platform stating "Return when your story is complete" also show conditions to make this UFO spawn, It is likely that this is a government made or MIB style UFO as it has FIB (the in game FBI) written on it.

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