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True Grime Street Cleaners is a sanitation business and an Easter egg featured in GTA San Andreas.


It is advertised on billboards around the state of San Andreas. Its slogan is Get rid of old rubbish, fast!, and its name is a parody of the GTA clone game True Crime: Streets of LA. It may be a reference to the term that police officers (the character who you play in True Crime is a detective with the LAPD) are occasionally referred to as garbage men with badges. The billboards are probably in retaliation to True Crime, which featured billboards for jockstraps in the game, which parodied the Rockstar logo. "TRUEGRIME" is also a cheat for summoning a Trashmaster on the PC version. It is also a form of psychological warfare believed to be established for the sole purpose of discouraging people from playing True Crime: Streets of LA.

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