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The Truth is a mission boss and supporting character encountered in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, located at his farm in the countryside.


The Truth is a hippie who has a deep distrust of government and is a conspiracy theorist. He lives in Leafy Hollow, Flint County where he operates a marijuana farm, which he and CJ destroy in the mission Are You Going to San Fierro? after the police discovers it.

Black Project and Green Goo

The Truth says that he has tried for 30 years to break into Area 69 and get a top secret project known as the Black Project. He uses CJ to break into Area 69 and steal a Jetpack and a containment unit that contains an unknown substance called Green Goo, which is believed to be an Alien's bodily fluids, after CJ gives the goo to The Truth, he says, "Everything is different now" and that people will refer to 1992 as "Year Zero", but the reason for this remain unknown.

WCTR Proclamations

He also calls in on the WCTR radio show and claims to have held Aliens in his hands, which might be related to the Green Goo. Also, he calls WCTR once again, claiming that government is adding female hormones to the water, which might be related to Water Pollution, but the host of the show says "Why do we worry about a chemical that government pours into the water", this might mean that government try to gain control over people using this chemical. He has also discussed numerous unusual subjects on Area 53.

Sub-dermal Neurophone

After Truth and Carl move to San Fierro, Carl is looking for staff for his garage, Truth tells you that he knows some people who can help, then on the way to finding Jethro and Dwaine, Truth asks you to go to the Hospital and the Police station where a black van appears, but right after it does, he tells you to think of a yellow rubber duck, and the second time, a pink golf ball, this means that people in van have some kind of ability/technology to read your mind, this also can be proven during conversation between Truth and Carl during that mission:

  • Carl Johnson: C'mon, dude, what's all that about?
  • The Truth: You don't want to know.
  • Carl Johnson: Why?
  • The Truth: Do you know what a sub-dermal neurophone is?
  • Carl Johnson: A what?
  • The Truth: Exactly. Sometimes it's best to stay in the dark, kid.


The term "sub-dermal neurophone" was decoded and translated. Sub means below or beneath, dermal means relating to the skin (especially the dermis), neuro means to do with the brain or nervous system, phone means to do with sound or could just mean a kind of a telephone or a transmitter.

It basically means a kind of telephone-type device implanted under the skin and somehow connected directly to the brain which might mean that it gives the ability to read minds, but the reason of following the van remains unknown.

Government Satellites


Some pedestrians in San Fierro do cover their heads with aluminium foil, written with words such as "Keep out", possibly accusing the government.

During the mission Are You Going to San Fierro?, Carl Johnson asks The Truth why does he keep aluminum foil in his van. The Truth responds that the foil is to protect from mind control, induction of images, sound or emotion from/using microwave radiations. He mentions that the government has developed 23 satellites, in order to keep track of the civilians

Cold War Allegation

Here is a part of Truth's conversation:

  • The Truth: Listen to Jethro. Now, what if I told you, we never went to the moon, JFK lives in Scotland with Janis Joplin, and the only reason we've been in a cold war for the last 45 years was because snake-headed aliens run the oil business?


Main article: The Truth's Ghost

After he has mysteriously disappeared in final mission, it is speculated he may have been killed by some government forces, due to possibly lurking around Tenpenny's death scene. However, players investigated Grove Street and couldn't find anything, thus marking the rumor as false.


  • Omega from GTA V bears a strong resemblance to The Truth. Both are conspiracy theorists and hippies, and both believe in extraterrestrials. Also, they both say that they have seen Aliens, along with Unidentified Flying Objects.
  • The Truth's comments can also be found on a website in Grand Theft Auto: IV, referring to conspiracy theories. 
  • There was originally a mission in the beta version of the game, called The Truth is out There, where the FBI are trying to capture The Truth for snooping around Area 69 and Carl Johnson manages to save him. This mission is still in the game and can be activated using modifications. It was a reference to the conspiracy-thriller TV series The X-Files.
  • The Truth confesses that there are 23 religious relics kept at the Pentagon, it is possible that this has something to do with the Epsilon Program
  • The Truth claims to have an astral goat called Herbie. He may be referring to his actual or unknown previous vehicle.


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