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The Swamp Monster is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Swamp Monster is a greyish-tan quadrupedal and appears to be based on a real life creature, captured by a deer hunter in the Louisiana woods in November 2010. The creature may also be based on the Creepypasta monster, the Rake. It is known to stalk people through the tall grass and waters of the swamp, making it difficult for the player to spot it. If the player listens closely at night, the creature will make a very strange noise. This will happen about two or more times in one night. When spotted, the creature will retaliate and kill the player.

The creature is said to be found in the swamp near the Fort Zancudo Approach Road at night time. He usually hides in the cattails and the water of the Zancudo River. Around the entrance of the swamp, there is a small abandoned boat house, which many players claim to be the inhabitance of the Swamp Monster as it is the only structure in the area that could conceivably house a humanoid.

Since the creature can be found around the Fort Zancudo area, many people believe it could have been an experiment that has escaped. Others think that it could be an Alien, because of the nearby UFO. However, these are little more than coincidences.

Relation to Other Cryptids

The Swamp Monster is the most famous of several dangerous cryptids said to exist in San Andreas. The swampy area that the beast resides in, is the epicenter of an area known as the Tongva Triangle, which is also the territory of various other cryptids including the Palomino Highlands Cryptid, the Tongva Hills Creature, The Jackal, and the Chupacabra.

Video Investigation

Gta v Myth Swamp Monster06:46

Gta v Myth Swamp Monster

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Gta V Myths and Legends Swamp Monster Revisted Day 1

GTA 5 Myths & Legends (60fps) Swamp Monster Part 119:07

GTA 5 Myths & Legends (60fps) Swamp Monster Part 1

Part 1.

GTA 5 Myths & Legends (60fps) Swamp Monster Part 214:13

GTA 5 Myths & Legends (60fps) Swamp Monster Part 2

Part 2.


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