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The South Bridge is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It’s one of the biggest bridges in the game, standing second to the Links Bridge. It is the central bridge connecting the eastern and western districts of the city.


The South Bridge interlinks the southern portion of Little Havana to the northern portion of the first island although the exact district is disputed but is certain to either Ocean Beach and Washington Beach. The main reason of the contradiction is the location of the bridge that starts on the end of both Washington Beach and Ocean Beach but the South Bridge falls under the Ocean Beach district. The South Bridge is known for it’s sighting of the Sea Monster and Cortezs' Ghost Yacht. The bridge was threatened to be hit by the Hurricane Hermione but escaped its fate as the Hurricane never reached Vice City. Several players have deemed it as a ghost bridge because of it containing a non-solid block which allows the players to directly access the main island and have claimed that the bridge may be using teleportation, but the claim had been dodged by skeptics, terming it as a technical error.


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