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The King Cobra symbol is an easter egg in GTA Vice City.


The King Cobra symbol can be found on the walls north of the Escobar International Airport and Little Haiti.

The King Cobra symbol is either carved or painted in black, sometimes it is a little unclear, you might have to travel closer to it in order to see fully. It is a possible reference to a gang called The Spanish Cobras. This gang mainly operates in Chicago but has influence all over Eastern America, including the area of Miami, on which Vice City is based off. It is currently the second most powerful Latino gang in Eastern America.

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  • This could be a plausible reference to Voodoo Snake Lords, carved by an anonymous Voodoo practitioner, to gain dark powers by pleasing the Snake Lords.
  • There is also a gym in San Fierro named the 'Cobra Martial Arts', in which a King Cobra is presented as the logo.


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