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The Heart of Liberty City is a famous easter egg in Grand Theft Auto IV, located inside the Statue of Happiness.


The Heart Of Liberty City is a gigantic beating heart located inside of the Statue of Happiness. It is held up with chains, and there appear to be various arteries and veins going from the heart to the statue's exterior. Shooting at it or throwing explosives at it will not trigger any response. 

In The Ballad of Gay Tony, the protagonist Luis Lopez may spawn inside the statue next to the heart if he passes out drunk.


The doors that the player must walk through to access the Heart are on the upper platform of the pedestal. The player cannot reach the platform by stairs, and must jump from a helicopter, or parachute onto the platform. Once on the platform, there will be four doors around the base of the statue. There is a small sign next to each door saying "No hidden content this way." A bloodstain can be seen in The Ballad of Gay Tony outside of the non-colliding door. The doors do not have any collision, and the player can just walk through them. Inside of the statue there will be a long ladder. Climb up the ladder and the player will access another platform inside the statue, and the giant heart will be hanging in midair from chains.


  • This is believed to poke fun at all the towns that have locations called "The Heart of blank"
  • It seems that entering into the Heart's room is needed for 100% completion as a Flying Rat is found in the statue, which reveals itself when the player uses a rocket launcher in the area.



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