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Sonny's Right-Hand Man, also known as the Forelli Capo, is a mythical character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He is a prominent member of the Forelli Family and primarily serves as Sonny Forelli's right-hand man.


The Forelli Capo is initially introduced during the beginning of the game during the discussion about introducing drugs into the family mafia with Sonny Forelli and company. The Capo talks about the feasibility of the families backing of from drug deals due to the traditional honor attached to their family, restricting them to murders and crimes such as. However, the deal between Vance Crime Family and Forelli Family is set up in Vice City, which is ambushed by Diaz's assassins, destructing the deal and forcing Tommy Vercetti to lock horns with Sonny Forelli and his crime family.

The Forelli Capo then accompanies Sonny in the end of the game, to the Vercetti Estate where they ambush Tommy Vercetti by revealing that Lance Vance was working for them and that Lance had betrayed Tommy. Tommy then enters into a brutal brawl with Sonny's Crime Family, eventually killing Sonny and all his gang present in the mansion.


From the moment of the clash between Sonny and Tommy, the fate of the Forelli Capo rests on the player's decision to eliminate the Capo. Players have claimed that leaving the Capo alive will let him loose in the city to operate for the Forelli Crime Family and playing a major part in the remaining Vice City Mafia but these are mere rumors and bear no authenticity. Initially, the appearance of the Capo was linked with that of Giorgio Forelli but the idea was soon dropped as Giorgio is never seen in the game.


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