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The Cordillera is a large mountain range and a myth location that makes up the majority of the landmass in the northern reaches of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.  


The mountain range starts from the coast of Bayside and San Fierro, and lasts to the western portion of Bone County, until it starts to drop off at Las Venturas. While the area itself remains un-named in-game and is not featured prominently in any missions, the Cordillera is a place of interest for people of all playstyles, having great possibilities for offroading, photography and more.  

Local Myth Hunting

After the game's release, the area soon caught the attention of myth hunters. The mountain range is extremely inaccessible, with multiple steep cliff-sides, some of which almost border a 90 degree angle.

Despite being in the semi-arid region of Tierra Robada and only having minor patches of grass at the bottom of the mountain, the Cordillera features many of the large Redwood trees typically associated with the countryside of Flint County. The complete isolation from society and large number of Redwood trees has caused the Cordillera to be an epicenter for myth sightings, including Bigfoot.

A small valley in the Cordillera, located north of Verdant Meadows, is home to a small dock and house, known as the Abandoned Dock. This home is also known to myth hunters for its uncanny appearance.

Video Investigation

GTA San Andreas Myths & Legends Myth 74 The Cordillera11:45

GTA San Andreas Myths & Legends Myth 74 The Cordillera


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