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The Cane is one of the many melee weapons in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is a long, slender device commonly used by people with walking impediments, but it can also be used as a vanity object.

The Cane has been tied in with various myths in the game, most notably with the Epsilon Program. The Cane is most notably used by Cris Formage, the leader of the Epsilon Program. In his radio interview on WCTR, Cris Formage says: "Try something, touch my Cane." This is the only mention of a cane within the game. It is also used as a weapon by the Cane Killer. Although the cane is specifically listed as a gift in the game's internal files (occupying the same slot used by other gifts, such as Flowers,) the cane cannot be given to anyone, and cannot be used for anything other than an accessory or a weapon. It is unknown if this is a glitch or if it was intended by game developers, but it is a strange observation nevertheless. 

The cane is never featured in any missions or side-missions in GTA San Andreas. There are no references to a cane in the game, or on the Epsilon website, other than in Cris Formage's interview on WCTR and CSR. 

Strangely, the cane is the most common melee weapon in the game, with 19 spawning locations around the state. The second most common melee weapon is the Shovel, with only 9 places where it can be found in the game. This is an incredibly strange observation since it is never featured in any mission in the game. If there was only one, it would more likely be something special to it, but here we have canes all over the place, outnumbering all the other melee weapons.

Weapon Name Number of Spawns
Cane 19
Shovel 9
Chainsaw 9
Katana 7
Nightstick 6
Golf Club 4
Baseball Bat 3
Knife 3
Pool Cue 3
Brass Knuckles 3