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The Blueberry Mystery is a phenomenon that surrounds the town of Blueberry in Red County. Throughout the town there is a bizarre blue glow that appears on buildings and nature, and related to the Strange Lights myth. It is believed that the Epsilon Cult is behind this, due to the close proximity of the cult's rumored main headquarters, and the fact that blue is the color of the cult. 


Throughout the town of Blueberry is a bizarre blue glow that appears on certain buildings and structures, including:

  • A small abandoned gas station.
  • A large road bridge over a dry pass.
  • Blueberry Acres Farm Barns
  • Selected spots in the Blueberry Acres Fields
  • Truck Terminal in the middle of the town.
  • In the windows of neighboring houses of Blueberry Safehouse.
  • A large cliff-face on the Eastern portion of the Panopticon also glows blue at night.

The cliff-side west of Blueberry is also bathed in a strange blue light at night. Strangely, this same cliff-side also has a large gap in it. Ironically again, the town is also called Blueberry.

GTA SA 2016-02-17 22-51-28-064

Blue cliff-face near the Panopticon.

At the Farm, the main farmhouse also has a strange blue light shining through the windows. This phenomenon can be witnessed at any time of the night during regular gameplay. The blue light windows are a unique occurrence in all of San Andreas. In the game's manual, the Farm is called the "Cult Location."

On the Epsilon Fax page, one of the testimonials is given by Jonas Ackerman. He states:

"Kifflom changed my life. I used to have a well paid job, a family and good prospects. Now, I've given that up to find real meaning in wearing light blue and proclaiming my real religion." In his testimonial, he claims that he wears light blue, which seems to be an important color for the Epsilon Cult.

Strangely, the town of Blueberry is at the exact center of San Andreas' map (0.0, 0.0, 0.0). This may or may not be a coincidence, but it is a strange fact nevertheless. 

All of these strange observations lead right back to the Epsilon Cult. The Blueberry Mystery continues to be one of the most elusive and strange myths of GTA San Andreas up to this date.


GTA San Andreas Myths & Legends The Blueberry Mystery

GTA San Andreas Myths & Legends The Blueberry Mystery



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