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A Submarine is a watercraft capable of independent operation underwater. Submarines and submersible watercraft have appeared in several Grand Theft Auto titles.

3D Universe

The first appearance of a submarine was in GTA: Vice City. The submarine is located underwater, north of the North Point Mall, and right next to the Chartered Libertine Lines shipwreck. The submarine is suspended underwater, and it appears to be guarding the shipwreck. Its purpose in the game has been highly disputed. A submarine wreckage can also be found in the Vice City Junkyard. The submarine appears to be entirely destructed and hollow. It is conjectured to be one of the battle submarines, although its existence in the Junkyard still prevails as a conundrum. However, the despite is largely similar to sectional water tanks[1] used for water storage.

The third submarine to appear in a GTA game is the USS Numnutz in GTA San Andreas. The submarine is docked on a pier in San Fierro. Its name is a parody of the USS Nimitz, which is a real-life American aircraft carrier. 

HD Universe

GTA V features the only functioning and usable submarine in the series so far, the Submersible, taking the form of a small submarine craft, with a bubble cockpit surrounded by a metal tube frame. The release of the enhanced version includes another submarine, the Kraken.

There is also the wreck of a Submersible off of the western coast of Pacific Bluffs and an older submarine from the Cold War era, which resembles either a Soviet Alfa-class submarine or a Charlie-class submarine, off the northeastern coast of Mount Gordo.

In the Los Santos Naval Port, there is a partially deconstructed Soviet Alfa-class submarine owned by Merryweather Security.

In GTA: Online, a setup for the "Bogdan Problem" includes sinking a Russian submarine. This might tie into debate over "spy submarines" in the game.


There is a myth associated with the submarine in GTA: Vice City. Many players have debated its purpose within the game. Its presence is strange, because it appears to be looking over the Chartered Libertine Lines shipwreck, as if it is guarding it. The submarine is never featured in any storyline mission, nor side-mission, and it remains unnamed in the game.



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