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The Strange Lights are a proven myth found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Throughout the State of San Andreas, there are various locations that have bright colored lighting, even in areas, where it would not be appropriate. While not mythical in of themselves, the lights can be connected to other mysteries in the game.

  • Blue lighting is often an indicator that a location is related to the Epsilon Program, such as in Blueberry.
  • Green lighting usually implies that something is filled with hazardous waste, such as in the Biowell. It can also imply that the area is related to mythical creatures, such as a glowing coffin in the Palomino Creek graveyard.
  • Red lights usually represent demonic entities, as these types of lights are usually seen at churches and graveyards at the darkest hours of the night.

As other players think, this myth could be just a glitch.


Video Investigation

GTA San Andreas Myths 22:07

GTA San Andreas Myths . Colors & Lights 1 2 - PARANORMAL PROJECT 34


GTA San Andreas Myths 11:00

GTA San Andreas Myths . Colors & Lights 2 2 - PARANORMAL PROJECT 35

Investigation #2


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