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Steve vs. Bill is a segment of the radio show Electron Zone Radio on LCFR, present on a real life website which serves as an advertisement for Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It serves as an Easter egg.


On the show, Steve and Bill are guest stars who both use different operating systems; Steve uses "Fruits" and Bill uses "TOS." The two characters are based on Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Similarly, "Fruits" is a reference to Apple and "TOS" is a reference to WOS, the Windows Operating System. On the same radio station, there is a reference to something called Imooga's Jiz Drive(Which can be reference to Adult Humor, because of "Jiz", which is most likely pun on "Jizz"), which was also advertised on Head Radio in Grand Theft Auto 2. This itself is a reference to the real life Iomega Zip Drive. On the website, there are several references to Adult Humor that are present.

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