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The Statues of Lewdity are an Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The complex consists of four statues surrounding a partially vandalized statue in the center. The central statue depicts a man with his hands in a masturbating position, while the four onlooking statues turn away and cover their eyes in shock. If one looks closely, it even appears that the statue has a penis. The top half of the central statue is missing, possibly due to someone vandalizing it due to its crude and inappropriate nature. The Statue of Lewdity is an Easter egg left in the game by Rockstar. These statues can be seen in the Atrium - where the mission Just Business takes place


Video Investigation

Gta san andreas easter eggs and myths-1 Statues of Lewidity02:38

Gta san andreas easter eggs and myths-1 Statues of Lewidity


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