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South Slopes Sewer is a myth location in Grand Theft Auto IV.


South Slopes is a neighborhood in Broker, primarily known for the sightings and rumors regarding Betty in the Sewers, which are situated in the neighborhood. South Slopes is also home to Betty's owner. Despite being a populated region, the neighborhood still features a mythical theme. According to myth hunters, the South Slopes Sewer is home to more than one Alligator, assuming that Betty may have given birth to copious Crocodiles as well, but this lacks any genuine reason, as Betty was lost all alone in the sewers. Even though, players still stress upon the fact that some Crocodiles may have already existed in the Sewer prior to Betty's existence, specifically pointing towards the incident when the rumor of Giant Alligators took place in the city during the earliest of times. However, this theory lacks any technical proof.



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