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Sonny Forelli's Corpse is a myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The myth is slightly different from Ricardo Diaz's Grave as it relates solely to the corpse of Sonny Forelli in the game.


The myth first took off on online forums with players discussing about the plausibility of Sonny Forelli's corpse. Sonny Forelli was killed by Tommy Vercetti in the Vercetti Estate during a final brawl between the two arch rivals in 1986. Following the demise of Sonny, players started to believe that Tommy must've disposed of Sonny's body as part of a Mafia revenge tradition but numerous searches demonstrated it to be untrue. Others claimed that the body may have been dumped elsewhere by Mario but unfortunately nothing was ever presented and the corpse vanished just like any other corpse in Vice City thus making the myth unlikely.


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