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Signs are a form of Easter egg in the Grand Theft Auto series. They take the form of messages that were deliberately placed by game developers for the players to find, and they are usually ironic or humorous. They have always been hidden in secret and hard to get to places. There is always, at least, one sign in each game that sometimes leads to other Easter eggs. An example of this is in Grand Theft Auto IV where the sign next to a door on the Statue of Happiness says "No Hidden Content This Way" when in reality, the sign gives clues towards The Heart of Liberty City. The following is a complete list of all the signs in all the Grand Theft Auto games since Grand Theft Auto III.

GTA III & Liberty City Stories


  • There is a large sign on a wall in an alleyway in Bedford Point that says You werent supposed to be able to get here you know. The alleyway is normally inaccessible to the player, unless they find a way to jump over the wall, or if they use the Dodo airplane.
  • There is a billboard in the city that says See you in Miami!, which was a possible clue to the setting of the next game in the series, GTA Vice City (Vice City is based on Miami.)
  • There are large billboards around Shoreside Vale advertising for a film called Badfellas around The Liberty City. Badfellas is a reference to the real-life 1990 crime film Goodfellas.

GTA Liberty City Stories

  • In GTA Liberty City Stories, the same alleyway sign in Bedford Point is there once again, however, it says different things in the two different console versions of the game. In the PSP version, it says Hello again! with a smiley face on the bottom whereas in the PS2 version, it says You just can't get enough of this alley, can you?. To find out how to get here, the one should see The Hidden Sign.

GTA Vice City & Vice City Stories

GTA Vice City

  • In Ocean Beach, just north of the Pole Position Club, there is a store called Rockster Video Games. This is an obvious reference to Rockstar.
  • In the VCN building in Vice City, one can find a large egg on a plinth that has the words Happy Easter written on it. In GTA Vice City Stories, the same egg returns, only it is under construction. A miniature crane can be found next to it, and the egg itself is missing various panels. This is a reference to the fact that GTA Vice City Stories takes place 2 years before GTA Vice City. The egg is located inside of a hidden room within the building. It should be noted that the Easter Egg room is only accessible on the PS2 version.
    • To access this "Hidden room," the player must climb up the stairs of an adjacent building, to access a helipad. To the left of the helipad on the VCN building, there is a section of the wall that is not solid. The player can jump from the helipad towards the side of the building, and they will go through the wall and enter the Easter egg room.
  • Lifeguard Cabins in Vice Beach bear signs on them that say "RIP Currents."

GTA Vice City Stories

  • In GTA Vice City Stories (PSP,) inside the hull of the ship docked in the Vice City docks, there is a sign reading Nothing to see here. To get into the hull of the ship, the player has to swim against a prow of the ship. There will be a small part of it that is non-solid, and the player will phase through it and appear inside the ship's hull. On the PS2 version of the game, the sign reads, I wasn't joking - There really is nothing to see here. Go and look in the VCN building instead.
  • In GTA Vice City Stories, there is a little message left by Rockstar Leeds next to the Hyman Stadium. It says You are standing on USJ 005a, a fine new addition to our great city that isn't contrived at all. Have you found the 10 easter eggs? Rockstar Leeds would like to thank you for playing the game and letting us have a rockin' Christmas party.
    • The 10 Easter eggs that Rockstar Leeds mention are 10 number smiley faces scattered around the map.
  • The PS2 version has a similar message, but 10 Easter eggs have been changed to 11 Easter eggs. The 10 things are posters with the eleventh being located in the Easter Egg Room.
  • There is an orange smiley face in GTA Vice City Stories that says "#7." The smiley face is located in Downtown inside a passage next to Electric Boulevard store. The smiley face looks identical with the face in GTA Liberty City Stories.

GTA San Andreas

  • On the top of the Gant Bridge (one should use a Jetpack or a plane to go there,) there is a sign that reads "There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go away." The Gant Bridge Visitor Center nearby also has other humorous signs regarding the bridge, such as disc space of 1.27MB.
  • There is a sign to do with Zombies in Zombotech Corporation in San Fierro.
  • In the cemetery in Hashbury, San Fierro, all of the gravestones read "RIP Opposition 1997-2004." This is a reference to Rockstar's rivalry with other video game companies, and how they have not been able to release a video game better than GTA since 1997 when GTA 1 was released.
  • There is a sign next to the Bridge Facts sign saying "ACTUAL PIECE OF CABLE."
  • There is some graffiti writing in the Los Santos Cemetery (nicknamed the Ghost Graffiti) that can be found on a wall behind the mausoleum, the name it got as "ghost" is from its tendency to appear and disappear, at the exact in-game time of 20.00 at night the graffiti will appear and will last until 6.00 in the morning when it disappears.
  • Around San Fierro, there are signs with Unbelievably Steep written on them, remarking how big is the difference of heights in the terrain the city was built on.

GTA IVEpisodes from Liberty City

  • On the Statue of Happiness, there is a level that can not be reached by stairs. It can only be reached via helicopter or, in the case of The Ballad Of Gay Tony,  by parachuting off the Rotterdam Tower and landing on the Statue. Once there, there are two signs on either side of one of the doors which reads "No Hidden Content This Way." It leads the player to The Heart of Liberty City. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, if the player gets drunk and passes out, this is one of the locations they may spawn.
  • There is a sign near Alderney Correctional Facility that mimics the sign in GTA III.


  • In Chamberlain Hills, Los Santos, a large graffiti tag on the side of a wall reads Welcome back and We missed you last time!, possibly welcoming the player back to Los Santos since GTA San Andreas.
  • On the east side of the Del Perro Beach pier, The Nothing is here sign returns. However, it is inscribed, Nothing to see here! Groove along, alongside a drawn smiley face, a possible reference to GTA San Andreas and Grove Street Families.
  • On top of Mount Chiliad are two signs. One reads Old Man's Crack and the other reads Bell's End.
  • There is also a sign CLIMATE IS NOT CHANGIN. FACT!! on the Vespucci Beach.
  • Somewhere in LS, there is a sign Yes! Everything Does SUCK! (see gallery.)