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Shady Creeks, is a heavily-forested location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, located in Whetstone, San Andreas. It is east of Mount Chiliad and the small town of Angel Pine. The climate in the area is generally foggy, cold and rainy much like San Fierro to the north. It is filled with many trees and features a decent sized creek (adjoining a basin named Shady Basin on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas official website), hence the name "Shady Creeks".

Shady Cabin is also located by a dirt road in the center of Shady Creeks, close to Shady Basin. Just like Back O Beyond, Shady Creeks has no involvment in the main storyline whatsoever yet it takes up a huge part of the map which makes it a very mysterious place. There are many myths that have been reported in this location such as Bigfoot and Piggsy.

Myths Located There



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