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The Shady Cabin is a small abandoned cabin in the wooded area of Shady Creeks in Whetstone, San Andreas. It is one of the most famous myth locations in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The cabin is relatively small. It is mostly made up of wooden planks and a tin roof. It also features a small porch. The structure is strange because it is built in the middle of the forest, near Sasquatch Creek. It is never featured in any part of the game's story line, so its purpose in the game is questionable. Also, at night, there is a strange glow that is lit from somewhere within the cabin, even though there is no light fixture or lamp anywhere in the room. 

Many myths originate from this cabin. It is commonly reported that PiggsyJason, Ghostface the Werewolf, and Leatherface are found in the surrounding area and sometimes occupy the cabin. Bigfoot has also has been reported many times in the Shady Creeks area. The BF Injection, and Quadbike spawn next to the cabin. Many mods use this location as a starting point for missions where the player must find and kill Bigfoot and other mythical creatures. The Mount Chiliad Cabin is identical in appearance to the Shady Cabin.


  • It is a popular location for many myths and missions to be spawned with modifications, involving the hunt for the creatures.
  • In many YouTube videos, it can be fairly said that most myth spotting's and hunts take place around here, and draws the eye for many viewers, due to its "creepiness" and "dark" looking presence.
  • The word Shady means "situated in or full of shade," which is commonly used as "Shady Woods," meaning people don't know what to expect entering or a cold damp, and dark place. Other meanings are: suspicious, suspect and questionable which implies Shady Creeks is hiding something.


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