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The Serial Killer Nursery Rhyme is an Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto V.


It consists of a nursery rhyme written in black ink on the side of a large rock in Senora National Park. The nursery rhyme itself is a reference to the serial killer. It is proven that the poem was written by the famous serial killer Merle Abrahams. In the poem, the fourth line Four called mom could be referencing the murder of a child. In Merle's home in Sandy Shores, a small pair of shoes can be seen dangling from a ceiling rafter, thus implying Merle murdered a young child. Calling mom is compared to screaming for a mother, which may be what that child may have been doing.

The Nursery Rhyme And Possible Meanings

The nursery rhyme goes as follows:

ONE IS DONE (The first jogger is killed)

TWO WAS FUN (Abrahams was having fun killing the second jogger)

THREE TRIED TO RUN (The third jogger tried to run, but eventually got killed)

FOUR CALLED 'MOM' (The fourth killed jogger most likely tried to called his/her mom)

FIVE IS NOT ALIVE (Basically means that the fifth jogger is also killed by Abrahams)

SIX IS NIX (Nix means dead, so the sixth jogger is killed)

SEVEN'S IN HEAVEN (The seventh jogger killed is probably a pastor or a faithful man)

8 WON'T WAIT (Abrahams only killed 7 guys and can't wait to kill the eighth jogger or the jogger committed suicide before Abrahams could killed him)