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For the GTA San Andreas Serial Killer, see Mr. Trenchcoat
For the GTA CW myth of the same name, see Serial Killer.
For the GTA V Serial Killer, see The Drifter

The Serial Killer is a pedestrian in Grand Theft Auto III, who is believed to be a serial killer. He bears a strong likeness to Mr. Trenchcoat, a serial killer from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


This ped can be found on Portland Island, mostly in areas like Salvatore's House and Trenton. He wears a fedora, a long trench coat, and boots. He is called the Serial Killer, because he looks very much like a similar ped in GTA San Andreas, who is also rumored to be a serial killer.

Players have reported, that the serial killer ped would attack them unprovoked and with no warning at all. Some players reported that the ped spawns with weapons as well. After investigating the weapons part of the myth, he does not spawn with guns, unless the player activates a cheat. The serial killer ped has been investigated thoroughly, and nothing out of the ordinary was discovered about him. The pedestrian exists, but it is proven that he is, in fact, not a serial killer just a normal pedestrian.

Video Investigation

GTA III Myth Hunters Serial Killer HD05:32

GTA III Myth Hunters Serial Killer HD

Luciannn10's Investigation


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