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Sea Monster
Sea Monster
Appearances Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Sightings Sea
Behavior Deadly
Existance FALSE

The Sea Monster (not to be confused with the Loch Ness Monster from GTA San Andreas) is a myth in GTA Vice City. Players have claimed that there is a strange creature that lives in the waters of Vice City. This rumor started close to 2008 after Saints Row 2's release, when an uproar of sightings of a strange creature were reported in online forums. Reports say the creature will flip over the player's boat, killing or drowning the player. Users have also reported sightings of the monster under the downtown bridge and near the lighthouse. Its vicious activity is very similar to Jaws and the Loch Ness Monster, possibly being one of the two, considering they are the most popular GTA myths. This myth is proven to be false as there is no solid proof of its existence or behavior. Attempts have been made to locate textures or models of the large sea creature in the game's internal files, but all have turned out inconclusive.

Video Investigation

GTA Vice City Myths & Legends -Sea Monster HD-1(09:11)
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