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Sasquatch Creek is the nickname for a channel of water separating Whetstone from Flint County, and whose waters encroach into the territories of both counties.  


The creek consists of an elongated tidal channel fed by two sea inlets running from Oram Bridge in the South, all the way to Whetstone Bridge in the North, effectively segregating Whetstone County from Flint County. 

The creek services a subsidiary creek that runs inland to the South-West, ending behind the abandoned Shady Cabin in the forest of Sequoia trees. 

The creek runs through an area that has been the subject of many myths, the most prominent being Bigfoot, which the creek is colloquially named after. Players have reportedly seen many strange textures and visual evidence of Bigfoot and other monsters around the creek. 

It is also notable that Mount Chiliad and the creek seem to resemble the original Patterson-Gimlin film, as it is highly unlikely that this was a coincidence. This has led many players to still believe in the existence of the Sasquatch. 

Interestingly, on the other side of the river lies a part of the map that is in a shape of a foot, which makes it even more intriguing to Myth-Hunters.  


Locations on Sasquatch Creek

Video Investigation

GTA San Andreas Sasquatch Creek

GTA San Andreas Sasquatch Creek

GTA San Andreas Sasquatch Creek Part 2-1378317389

GTA San Andreas Sasquatch Creek Part 2-1378317389

GTA San Andreas Sasquatch Creek Part 3-Final-0

GTA San Andreas Sasquatch Creek Part 3-Final-0


  • Sasquatch Creek's namesake and overall appearance pay homage to the real life Bluff Creek, where the famous Patterson–Gimlin film of Bigfoot walking was recorded.
  • The creek also runs under a third traffic bridge, Flint Bridge, under which, an Oyster collectible can be found.


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