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Samri is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The myth is based off the ancient monster from the retro movie Purana Mandir (The Old Temple).


Samri is a bygone fictional urban legend from the sultanate of Bijapur. Samri is a demonic monster inclined to practice dark magic in order to glorify Satan. Samri was then executed on the command of Sultan Harimansingh and was decapitated.

Prior being executed, Samri swore to bring an end to the Kings' dynasty and reemerge to unleash his horror. Samri's head was then enclosed in a chest at the rear of the temple. The monsters' appearance is considered to be almost 7 foot tall, chained and radiance around his head and may be quadriplegic at times.

This legend is said to exist in Vice City as well. According to a legend, Samri is believed to wander the alley at the rear of the Secluded Church, much similar to the Old Temple. He is rumored to appear in foggy weather and at extremely rare occasions, however, these claims haven't been verified and this myth is largely considered as false.

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