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Rockstar Logos

The Rockstar Games Logo has been featured in every game in the Grand Theft Auto series since the 3D universe debut, Grand Theft Auto III.

Rockstar Games has left their logo within the games as Easter eggs. The logos can usually be found on billboards, signs and even on articles of clothing. The following is a list of locations of Rockstar Games Logos in the Grand Theft Auto series.

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Grand Theft Auto III

  • In Francis International Airport in Shoreside Vale, many large passenger planes and helicopters have Rockstar logos on their fuselages and tails.
  • There are numerous billboards placed around the Liberty Cocks stadium in Staunton Island that have the Rockstar Logo on them.
  • There is a helicopter located on the top of Kenji's Casino that has some Rockstar Games logos on its bodywork, similar to the ones in the airport.
  • There is also an advertisement in Bedford Point which shows a coffee cup with the Rockstar logo on the middle of the cup.
  • There is a pedestrian that wears a blue hat with the Rockstar Logo on it. This ped is also notorious for wearing headphones that play a mysterious tune. 
  • There is a female pedestrian that wears a jacket which says "ROCK STAR" on it.
  • The logo appears in a star constellation in the sky. This seems to be a recurring Easter egg, as the Rockstar constellation appears in every subsequent game since GTA III.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

  • A technical glitch can also be observed: if flying over Starfish Island, another Rockstar symbol can be perceived in one of the pools, but will vanish if approached.
  • A Rockstar symbol can be seen on the walls of a small storm drain located in Little Haiti.
  • Beach towels on the beach bear the Rockstar logo.
  • If you fly a helicopter over Starfish Island, you will spot a swimming pool in the back yard of a large mansion which is shaped like the Rockstar Games Logo.
  • In Funeraria Romero, there are numerous gravestones featuring the Rockstar Games logo on them.
  • In Little Haiti, there is a large billboard in front of the Cafe Robina. The billboard has a large Rockstar logo painted on it. An identical billboard also appears across the street from Screw This.
  • On the entrance wall of the Fort Baxter Air Base administration building, a Rockstar emblem can be spotted alongside the Vice City Military emblem, as if Rockstar is affiliated with the military.
  • Rockstar logo is also inscribed on the machine secured with the satellite dishes.
  • Rockstar logos can also be noticed on the shutters of some shops in Little Haiti, east to the Kaufman Cabs.
  • The Ammu-Nation clerk wears a jacket with the Rockstar logo on its front, and the word "ROCKSTAR" on the back.
  • The logo may appear as a sponsorship sticker on some variants of the Bloodring Banger and the Hotring Racer.
  • The logo appears on the tailfins of some of the large airplanes in the Escobar International Airport.
  • The Rockstar star constellation also appears in GTA Vice City.
  • On the Western island, there is a large business named Roxor, who's logo is a large R. Roxor is phonetically similar to Rockstar.
  • There is a recurring piece of Graffiti found within the Storm Drains that feature the Rockstar logo.
  • The Rock City building has a poster promoting a band named Jock Star, which sounds similar to Rockstar.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • Carl Johnson's suitcase in the first cutscene has the Rockstar logo on it. In addition, OG Loc's, Sweet's and Tenpenny's suitcase (which is the same as CJ's) has the logo on it as well.
  • Inside Big Smoke's Crack Den, there is a doormat which says "Not Welcome Rockstar North" with the Rockstar North logo at the center.
  • If viewing the San Fierro tower at night coming from the Garver Bridge, the player can see the Rockstar Games logo being shown as the lighting of the building.
  • Many beer bottles in bars and clubs in GTA San Andreas have the Rockstar logo on them.
  • Northstar Rock, an area in the GTA San Andreas state of Los Santos, is Rockstar North backwards. They are the company responsible for Manhunt and a majority of GTA games.
  • One of the drug dealers wears a Rockstar hoodie. The same hoodie is also available to purchase for Carl Johnson.
  • Some of the clothes available to buy have the Rockstar Games Logo on them, including the hoodies and the Rockstar sweater, and Rockstar jacket. One of these is worn by a drug dealer.
  • The Parachute has a small Rockstar North logo on the back.
  • The action figure boxes for GTA Vice City and Manhunt characters inside Zero RC have Rockstar logos on them.
  • The kites on the roof inside Zero RC also have the Rockstar logo on them too.
  • There is also a model sail boat inside of Zero RC which also has a Rockstar logo on it.
  • On the top floor of Las Venturas Planning Department, there is a Caligula's palace model with a Rockstar logo on it.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

  • A pedestrian has the logo on his hat.
  • Graffiti resembling the Rockstar logo can be found around the city.
  • The logos from the Kenji Casino helicopter in GTA III reappear in GTA Liberty City Stories.
  • When Toni Cipriani first arrives in Liberty City and gets off the bus he is carrying a suitcase which is similar to CJ's in GTA San Andreas bearing a Rockstar logo.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

  • There is a building in Downtown Vice City which, at night, has some lights on the roof which say "ROCKSTAR".
    • They are not visible during the day and appear to be floating.

Grand Theft Auto IV

  • In Alderney, there is a store called Stars of Rock, which sells career labels.
  • Large concrete slabs near the Poop Deck on The Platypus feature the logo.
  • Some peds, especially in Northwood, wear boots with Rockstar logos on them.
  • The Rockstar Games Logo appears on the bowling pins in the bowling alleys.
  • The Zombie skin in multiplayer has the Rockstar Games Logo on its underwear.
  • There are two video stores in North Holland named Rock Star Music and Video Store.
  • There are two cafés in Alqonquin called the ''RockStar café'', which is only used in a strangers mission.

Grand Theft Auto V

  • The logo can be found on some T-Shirts which are available to purchase by the player.
  • Certain trash bins in the game have the notification RSNRTH281078, which is a shortened version of Rockstar North, developers of the Grand Theft Auto series.
  • The Rockstar logo appears on the oil cap of 4-cylinder engines, particularly the Futo and Brioso R/A.
  • A painting in Michael's home is signed by R. North, a short form of Rockstar North.

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