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Phil's Depot is a myth location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is located in Viceport Docks.


Phil's Depot was first effectuated by Phil Cassidy in 1986 when Cholos ousted Phil from his house. Phil then sought refuge in the depot and used it as to store arms and ammunition. The depot is seen multiple times in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. However, two years later, Phil abandons the depot and it is then used by local gangs such as Vice City Triads and Counterfeiting Syndicate to store their share of illegal plates and ammunition. The infamous assassination during the botched deal between Vance Crime Family and Forelli Family, also took place in front of the Depot, as the assassins shot both the gang from inside the Depot, during the shootout, Vic Vance got killed and from then on, it has been rumored that his ghost may be lurking around and in the depot. Following Phil's abandonment, the depot was given a mysterious outlook, with weed growing in it along with strange textures on the depots' wall, giving an impression of a haunted location. The area above the ledge of the depot is also reported for paranormal activity. Moreover, the boxes kept inside the depot, read "93", which is often presented as a code among the myth hunting community.


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