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Palomino Highlands Cryptid is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Palomino Highlands Cryptid is a mythical creature in GTA V, said to reside in the Palomino Highlands, notably in the area just due east and southeast of Los Santos. Its actions strongly resemble that of The Jackal and Tongva Hills Creature, though very seldom witnessed, it often attacks and kills the player when unaware. It may lurk into the extreme eastern portions of East Los Santos at times, but has never been reported in the city itself. It is possible that this creature, as with other deadly cryptids in the game, is the result of genetic testing at Humane Labs and Research.

Myth Explanation

Most reports of the monster are very similar to Cougar or Mountain Lion attacks, but with no warning or sound made. This can be debunked as the the volume could have been down, they have bad speakers, or their audio files have been corrupted in some way. The areas the creature supposedly resides in have high grass, and the death screen is displayed in black and white, making harder to identify the creature, and this is the reason little evidence exists of it.

Video Investigation

GTA 5 - Myths & Legends (60fps) - Palomino Highlands Cryptid13:00

GTA 5 - Myths & Legends (60fps) - Palomino Highlands Cryptid


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