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Paleto Forest is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto V.


The forest is located immediately west from the Mount Chiliad, north from the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness and south of Paleto Bay. The woods feature many wildlife in it. The abandoned sawmill is located in the woodland as well. There is also a cable car station located in here. The entrance to Mount Chiliad Tunnel is also located here.


The forest is home to some major myths in the game.


The forest's proximity to Mount Chiliad and Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness made it a very famous spot for Bigfoot sightings. Those sightings are further proven by the fact that in the mission The Last One, the chase after the fake Bigfoot goes through the forest. However, the Bigfoot is there only during the mission.


The fact that a supposedly haunted sawmill is placed in the forest has led many players to believe that ghosts are abundant in the whole forest. Unfortunately, those are only theories and no photographic nor video evidence has ever emerged.

Mount Chiliad Mystery

The entrance to the Mount Chiliad Tunnel made people think that the forest may be somehow related to the Mount Chiliad Mystery and Jetpack. However, the claims don't have any substantial evidence to support those theories.

Panic in the woods

Paleto forest is also a known place for the extremely rare occasion in which a loud, buzzing sound screeches in the air, depleting the health of the character until they return to the city. It only occurs during midnight hours, since any evidence has yet to tell if it happens during the day. It wouldn't make sense for the phenomenon to happen during the daytime anyway. It is a creepy easter egg after all. Funny enough, the district of Paleto Forest is exactly depicting what you'd expect "panic in the woods".

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