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PCJ-700 is a retro myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


This myth took off back in 2002, when certain players claimed that a PS2 magazine, featuring Rockstars' interview, stated that players could obtain a PCJ-700 on accomplishing specific requirements and 100% completion. However, hundreds of investigations were held in order to discover the rumored PCJ-700 and the magazine interview but these searches were futile. It later came to light, that internet users began to spam virus infected links with titles related to the alleged vehicle. According to a certain amount of users, PCJ-700 is located in the Washington Avenue Parking Lot, Washington Beach. Later on, modders began to alter the files and inserted additional textures for the existing, PCJ-600, to give an impression of a PCJ-700, which is never seen in the game. Therefore, over the years, it became certain that the uproar was just a hoax.


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