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The O'Neil Ranch is a myth location located in Grand Theft Auto V. In the mission Crystal Maze, the inhabitants steal a drug contract from Trevor. Trevor, controlled by the player, kills all but four of the owners. Trevor uses gas to burn down the house, via the basement. He then fires at the house and drives away on an ATV. The house eventually burns down completely.

After Crystal Maze

If the player chooses to return to the area, the house is in ruins and the fire has been extinguished. Except for the basement, the house is still accessible. Nearby, a random event will trigger, in which a police officer chases down a criminal, and they will commonly pass through the house. There is also a parachute mission nearby. More speculative myth hunters have put forth theories that the house may be haunted, supported either by the old architecture, or that Trevor himself caused the haunting by killing people in the area. These claims are backed up with strange sounds, such as a baby's cry reportedly audible around 2 am on Sunday.


  • In GTA Online, the player can play at the O'Neil Ranch during the Every Bullet Counts freemode event.


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