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North Beach is a myth location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The North Beach is one of the two fragments of the Vice Beach in the game. Unlike its southern counterpart, the North Beach is basically an isolated region with few pedestrians walking alone at rare occasions, because of this particular feature, this location is a lesser-known spot for myth hunters in the game.

The Submarine and a Shipwreck is also located north to the beach. The beach is also a hot spot for Sea Monster sightings, and the coincidental shape of the dirt track that looks similar to a dragon figure, have made myth hunters to interlink the Monster with the track, but this is merely a coincidence, and upon looking close, the track differs from the exact shape of a sea monster. 

Several inexplicable scenes are also witnessed by users, but the report is more of a rumor, due to the lack of accurate evidence. These incidents include sudden disappearance of pedestrians in the beach. A technical explanation has been put forward regarding the incident, explaining that the incident is a case of the draw distance limit that is common in technical terminology yet rare for nascent gamers. This mystery is also linked to the North Beach Ghost


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