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The Mount Chiliad Natural Arch (also known as the Mount Chiliad Cave) is a natural arch on the north-eastern slope of Mount Chiliad in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Occasionally at night, the Arch and surrounding areas are bathed in a strange red mist, the cause of the mist's color is still unknown. Piggsy, the Cave Demon, the Yeti and Bigfoot have been allegedly seen in the area and known to assault players that explore it. Bigfoot is believed to use the cave as his home, similar to how real like Sasquatches will take refuge in caves. The cave is part of the route of The Cobra Run, the final stage of the Chiliad Challenge. The Arch is located on a steep cliff that quickly drops down to a creek, this area should be avoided as, assuming the player falls in, is almost impossible to escape without a vehicle in possession.


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