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For the mountain in GTA V, see Mount Chiliad (GTA V).

Mount Chiliad is a large and vast mountain located in Whetstone, San Andreas.


The mountain's peak is the highest point in the whole state of San Andreas. It is one of the famous myth locations in the game. The treeline ends halfway up the mountain leaving the treacherous cliffs and massive boulders clearly visible. The majority of the myths are said to be located halfway up the mountain, but they can also be found near the top. A crude silhouette of a face can be seen on the vanilla map, which many players believe to be Bigfoot. Also, airplanes frequently crash into the mountain's rocky faces. In the west of the mountain, there is a cabin similar to Shady Creek's, it is believed to be a home for many other myths, and in the east of it, a cave can be found, also believed to be a home for Bigfoot or the Yeti. There are also reports of Stalagmites on its peak.

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