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Mothman is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto V.


The myth is based on real-life sightings of a so-called Mothman in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in the 1960s. According to real-life legend, Mothman is a large creature with insect-like wings, red eyes, and a furry, owl-like body. Legends say that Mothman sightings are usually followed up by tragedies with many deaths, such as airplane crashes, or bridge collapses. 

GTA San Andreas

The Mothman myth originated in 2004, shortly before the release of the final game.[1]

This myth in the game is very similar to the myth in real life. Players who have seen Mothman claim that he is a human with large bird or insect-like wings, glowing red eyes, and soars high over the landscape. Because of the rarity of this myth, Mothman's behavior is largely unknown. It is also said that he can appear when a plane crashes, or before an accident like in the real legend. Only a handful of pictures, or in-game videos show Mothman, but many of them may be the result of mods, or photo manipulation.

In the majority of the player's accounts, Mothman is sighted before a vehicle explodes, or when a large number of pedestrians die, just like in the real legend. Unfortunately, the majority of online photos or videos, are the results of mods, and the case lacks in-game references, so Mothman's existence in the game is highly questionable.

At the western end of the Sherman Dam close to the parking lot, there are two large winged statues that some players believe are statues of Mothman. However, this theory is false, because the Hoover Dam, the dam which the Sherman Dam is based on, has the same winged statues and memorial site. In a Youtube video by GTA SA Myster Files, when the player zoomed the face of the statue through a sniper, a plane crashed nearby him. The Youtuber also alleged that there was a second crash, when he zoomed at the statue again. Although that was not recorded in the video, he said his computer crashed in the second crash.

In Back o' Beyond, there is a rock texture that appears to be a large winged creature. Many fans have claimed that this rock texture represents Mothman.

Many players claim that they see some sort of black creature flying through the air whilst on the mission Stowaway, when they jump out of the Andromada and parachute to the ground. 

It is believed that stormy weather increases the player's chances of encountering Mothman. 


Nevertheless, even though the game lacks references to Mothman, the myth is still very popular within the GTA community. Even though no visual evidence has surfaced of Mothman in GTA V yet, players are still debating its presence within the game.  

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