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The Mine Shaft Cryptid is a possible myth in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Mine Shaft Cryptid's existence originated with the re-release of GTA V for next gen consoles, with a sealed off mine shaft becoming open for players to explore.

Players who entered the shaft claimed to have experienced strange noises the deeper they went, scaring some players away from the mine.

The Cryptid

The mine is quite deep and dark, so it isn't known what exactly causes these noises. Some players blame these noises on the Cryptid, however what the Cryptid looks like or even could be is unknown.

Possible encounters

Some players claimed to have seen apparitions inside the shaft's dark and vast interiors, and this is most likely the Cryptid. Nobody is exactly sure however, but the mines haven't had a full-scale investigation yet, so nothing can be confirmed. The shadow figure is quite common however, so the Cryptid's existence is definitely possible that it must be a non-rendered NPC or an actual supernatural being.

Pending Investigations

Myth busters plan to do a complete search of the mines in online and story modes, to see if anything turns up. The noises from within the mines are confirmed as real, however, the Cryptid itself has not been identified.