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  • Hey Vault can you vote on this please

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  • Hey VaultBoy can take a look at this page and if u spot any grammatical mistake can u please correct it.

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  • Hey Vaultboy. Why do you always have to mention my past grammar deficiencies? I really treasure your guidance and it leaves a second-rate feeling, when you mention my inadequacies in every issue. 

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  • Hey, I have found some more bona fide and credible evidence regarding Alligators in Vice City . I have also reinvigorated the entire page, maintaining the quality equivalent to the standards.

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  • Hey Vault, why did you deleted the 'Hidden Treasure Theory' page? I mean it's worth investigating, and I'm actually very interested in it, so... why? 

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  • Vote on this demotion request.

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  • While you left the chat awesome told me he came to know his real age on 3 June 2015. May be you could use it somehwere.

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  • Bandicam 2015-06-22 09-02-22-440
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    Bandicam 2015-06-22 09-02-33-740
    Bandicam 2015-06-22 09-02-38-441
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     He said to me -- Hey "sala"{Which is a slang} did u see the match Mustafizur destroyed Indians sala what happened now.

    I said to him-- First learn how to wright hindi language.

    Then he said-India is so losing today all Indians are jealous.

    I said to him- But Bangladesh is created by India.

    Then he said-If India loses today u are dead,when india wins u are happy and  when india loses u are happy, u are not an indian.

    I said to him-if bangladesh loses u f>?k.

    Then he said-And if ironic indians loses you are "haramzada"[Which is a slang}.

    I said to him-What happened now why you log out u exploded bangladesh begger ass.

    Then he said-I am still here bitch.

    I said to him-bangladesh begger poor doesn't even win 2 matches against us and they thought they are the lions.

    Then he said-When bangladesh wins u will become a bihari{i doesnt know what bihari means}

    He sent a photo of shahid afridi and sehwag

    I said to him-What did u say

    Then he said-India can only do that

    I said to him-village man he is a pakistani player and here MS Dhoni will destroy mustafizur like that.

    Then he said-That is why he[MS dhoni} got out "sala"

    I said to him-He got out if he doesn't he would destroy mustafizur.

    Then he said-Hey "sala" dont tell theory.

    I said to him-I am saying the reality.

    Then he said-Yes he got out.

    I said to him-Who ur father

    Then he said-Ur country got out and u are happy shame shame.

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    LS11sVaultBoy closed this thread because:
    Moving on to a different subject on Sasquatch's message wall.
    14:48, June 22, 2015
    • It's kind of hard for me to understand but from what I can assume, you were arguing other sports? (India, Pakistan, is it cricket or something? I got that from you saying things like win, lose, etc) What we call this is England is "banter". Banter is "the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks" so I would assume this is what we call heavy banter which is where it is not so friendly, but from what I can see, you were just arguing over sports and that doesn't warrant a block. Anyway, I'll ask Boomer and Sasquatch to take a look at this and they can have their say.

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    • And AwesomeBoy is just 12 year old which is against the wikia terms of use in which

       All users must be at least 13 years old to edit on Wikia, and must abide to the general law of all Wikis.

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    • We told him that a while ago so he must have lied to us.

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  • Don't you think that page is more of an Easter Egg than a myth, since that stuff is real in the game?

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  • Stop deleting pages on the basis of your personal likes. You deleted the evil face page for no appropiate reason.Users were investigating it. Did you bother to read the comments? Undo the deleted page. Why are you becoming an obstacle for community investigations?

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    LS11sVaultBoy closed this thread because:
    Take your discussion onto someone else's message wall.
    15:09, June 19, 2015
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    • AT LAST! Found someone who got me right!

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    • I can only see a rock. I think some of you need to go to a mental asylum because you're clearly seeing things. I don't want to spend the rest of my days staring at rocks hoping to see a face in them.

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