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The Merryweather Plane is a mythical location found in Grand Theft Auto V.


A crash site is located in the Alamo Sea, next to Stab City featuring the debris of a cargo plane. The cargo plane appeared in the mission Minor Turbulence. Trevor Philips devises to skyjack the plane to loot military weapons. Later on, Trevor captures the plane, but soon it gets shot down by the US Air Force, and crashes into the Alamo Sea. Granades, C4s, a sniper rifle, a kevlar vest, an Rocket Launcher and the Coil Rail Gun (If you traded your account from PS3/X360 to next gen) can be found near the crashed plane. This crash site was also heavily searched for clues regarding the Mount Chiliad Mystery. The crash site was also believed to be the location for the Jetpack.


  • Note that returning PS3/360 users, who bought a version of GTA V on PC/PS4/XB1 and traded over Rockstar accounts, are rewarded with an exclusive weapon, the Coil Rail Gun. It is obtainable from the crash site here near the cockpit of the plane. It can also be bought within Ammu-Nation stores, but it costs $250,000, meaning it isn't cheap. GTA Online does feature this weapon but is only usable in the Online Adversary Mode and does not appear anywhere else.

Video Investigation

GTA5- How to find the Merryweather plane in the Alamo Sea!02:35

GTA5- How to find the Merryweather plane in the Alamo Sea!


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