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Massimo Torini's Ghost is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


The myth was started after Massimo Torini was killed by Toni Cipriani in the mission The Sicilian Gambit

According to myth hunters, Massimo's ghost is still haunting the Portland Rock lighthouse after his death. On the gate blocking the entrance of the lighthouse, there is a sign saying "DANGER KEEP OUT." Some myth hunters speculate that this sign is here due to possible recent hauntings, however this is likely untrue, as the sign is there due to the lighthouse being pretty old and derelict.

Due to lack of evidence or sightings, this myth is considered false.

Video Investigation

GTA lcs myth 3 The haunted lighthouse and Massimo's ghost-105:31

GTA lcs myth 3 The haunted lighthouse and Massimo's ghost-1


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