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Making A Killing is an easter egg and odd myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Making A Killing is a book, written by Trevor Queen sometime in the 80s. It can only be found in Vinyl Countdown, North Point Mall. The book is based off the mystery thriller play of the same name and is respectively written by John Nassivera and directed by Anthony McKay in 1984. The play dwells around the story of three principal characters and involves a schemed suicidal based murder.

Play Settings 


Ironically, the settings of the play include a cottage and an apartment, for the reason, players have interlinked this myth with Apartment 3C. Whereas, Apartment 3C is widely recognized as a Scarface easter egg. Thus, Rockstar wouldn't conflict dual Easter eggs in a single location. Therefore, the apartment being related to the play is a mere coincidence and is not intentional.


The game does include several cottages in Starfish Island being of similar depiction. One of the suspected cottages, features a Katana inside a shed, that may has something to do with a murder but is more of a hidden weapon location.

Besides these factors, the outlook of the island itself, certainly daunts this myth, abandoning the myth in an uncertain oblivion.


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