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Appearances Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Characteristics El Castillo del Diablo, Greenglass College
Existence FALSE

The Lizardman is a myth in GTA San Andreas. Players report seeing a reptillian-like bipedal creature, similar to the villian of the same name from the Spiderman comics, who is very deadly and will attack without reason. Because of the Spiderman origin, the Lizardman will fight with his bare hands, usually in the Karate style, but some reports say he boxes. The monster is also immune to gunfire so any myth hunters who want to face the beast must take him down in hand-to-hand combat, he has high health, but deals relativly low damage. The monster can be found in two locations in Bone County. He can be found at El Castillo del Diablo, a.k.a the Ghost Town. The most prominent sightings happen in the centre of the Greenglass College outside of Las Venturas. However, this myth is false as it was included in a mod called "Misterix" and there are no reported sightings of this myth before the release of the modification.This myth is considered to be just a fake rumor.


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