1,314 Pages is a website on the internet in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The website is a sting site set up by the Liberty City Police Department, to catch people trying to access child pornography and it is spoken of on Weazel News on the radio. When the player visits the site, a warning message from the LCPD can be found, notifying the player that his IP address has been logged and that he is not anonymous, stating "WE SEE IT ALL, WE KNOW IT ALL," and upon exiting the browser, the player will quickly receive a five star wanted level for attempting to view child pornography (Four stars if Algonquin hasn't been unlocked yet.) This could indicate that the LCPD has a very low and lethal tolerance towards pedophiles. The police radio can be heard as the player accesses the website or leaves the browser, with the dispatcher describing the player as a "sexual deviant attempting to access explicit images."

Like the LCPD website and unlike other in-game websites, has a generic site description, simply stating "Website for child beauty pageants," underneath its URL on the LuckyFind search page, while other websites have slogans associated with the site's products and services.


  • There is a delay before the player actually gains the five star wanted level. If the player accesses the site from a TW@ internet cafe, exits the browser immediately (while the police scanner goes off,) and commits a one star level crime (robbing the cash register, discharging any firearm, etc.,) the player only receives a one star level instead of the lethal five stars.
  • The website's address is a reference to the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories radio commercial "Little Lacy Surprise" featuring Jack Howitzer.